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Study-hall-house, shhhhhhh January 5, 2012

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The environment in the house tonight is “all work”. It distinctly has that feeling of being in a college dorm during finals week. Everybody hunkered down doing their work quietly, seriously and individually. And yet, there is, at least for me, this sense of shared experience and camaraderie. It’s a little strange – but I have to say – “I kind of like it.”

“The senior” is working on the final draft of an essay that is due tomorrow. Unfortunately, he is a bit of a procrastinator, so the pressure is on. He has quietly secluded himself in the computer room – doesn’t like any noise, doesn’t want any distractions. Okay with me, as long as he is getting the working done. I am happy to tip-toe around if that will help him do his best work.

“The freshman”, having misunderstood the due date on an important science lab – is finishing his math homework – while I finish up on the laptop, when he is ready to get to the lab – I shall relinquish “my” computer and begin dinner prep. I certainly have more that I would like to get done on this machine tonight – but I believe his deadline is more pressing. So once dinner prep is complete – I shall switch my efforts over to written projects, lists and writings.

“The boyfriend” is stationed at his usual spot on the dining room table – attending to the tasks he has on his “to-do” list. Willingly and supportively working with the family schedule and flowing right along. The only sound to be heard is the gurgling of an empty stomach, as he too adjusts with the pushed-back dinner schedule.

So dinner will be late, cause I am putting off relinquishing my machine until I absolutely have to. Hopefully, we will all join together for a little repast – regain our strength and get back to our individual tasks replenished and renewed. We shall see…

I know there have been times when the house felt this quiet before – but there is something in the air that feels different. For me, my moments with this blog are numbered as I know I have to give-up the machine momentarily. I just wanted to mark this funny little moment in time. And put the wish out to the universe that I hope we all get accomplished what we need to tonight – and are able to rest easy – with the satisfaction of knowing that we did our best. Shhhhhh…..


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