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Intuitive Confluence May 2, 2012

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Confluence…. That’s a beautiful word, isn’t it? It’s downright mellifluous. But it’s not just the sound that makes it one of my favorite words, it is the meaning as well. Defined by ( as: a flowing together of two or more streams, rivers, or the like,  it can also mean; place of junction, a coming together of people or things, or a crowd or throng. Though for purposes of this entry – the main aspect of the definition that I am focusing on is the: “flowing or coming together” as described in Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary. Because lately, the confluence of ideas, information and experiences flowing into my life has been rather extraordinary. It seems that there are certain lessons I am being taught over and over again from broad array of sources and it would be almost impossible to not notice that all of this information seems to share a similar message. Sure, you could say that my antenna are tuned to hear these particular signals more clearly than I hear the din of other “lessons” coming my way – but honestly that can only be a part of it. Statistically, I imagine it would be improbable that this can all be easily dismissed as coincidence or a “filter effect”. But however you see it, it is the meat of the message that is the point here, really.

“Oh – the message? What’s the message that the Universe is conspiring to make sure that I notice? It’s an oldie but a goodie: FOLLOW YOUR INTUITION!” It’s not a new idea, not even for me – but these days – it seems that no matter where I turn – I hear it again. It’s like I am living in one of those comedy sequences where the protagonist sees the same message, painted on the side of a bus, as the headline in the morning paper, on the billboard when she’s headed to work and on the special menu at her favorite lunch spot. It’s almost comical really. As if the world decided the gentle nudges it has sent my way have clearly been insufficient and now it must rely on a sledgehammer to get the point across. “And no, the irony of the message itself and the way it is coming through to me is not lost.”

I am one of those people who has a very strong intuitive sense. Some would say that I am “psychic”, and that is probably true. Honestly, I believe that intuition is a skill that we all have the capacity for, particularly if we study or practice to sharpen it, it is not dissimilar from any other ability we wish to feed, enhance or gain some mastery in.  Some people just are a little more well-endowed to begin with – and I think I fall into that category.  In my life, I go through periods when I am more or less “in-touch” with or listening to this part of myself. And the simple truth is – the more I follow my gut and use my intuition to make choices and decisions – the greater is my sense of life satisfaction. Sometimes though, I resist, and follow some other chain of logic and reason which my overly active mind has mapped out for me. Though this doesn’t mean I will walk into a disaster, I typically never have that same sense of “rightness” about these choices and will eventually change course to what I “know” I should have done in the first place.

When working with clients – we often look at what they believe in their gut is the right thing to do. And it seems that the majority of the time – most people have at least some sense of the right path for themselves. But sometimes in order to hear what your intuition tells you – you first have to quiet the other voices inside your head – often ruled by anxiety and fear – this group can get pretty loud at times.  Sometimes we just are out of practice, or this way of interacting with the world was never focused on or encouraged. Sorting through the advice we give ourselves can often be a “piece of work” but most of us can get in touch with our own inner wisdom if we tune in often enough, are quiet and still enough to tease out the distractions and are focusing with the right intent. So that’s it for me for today – I would tell you to follow your intuition, too – but you probably already knew that was what I was going to say! As for me, my gut told me that I should write this post – so here it is – now I am off to my next adventure. Peace out…