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This Evening’s Special is… January 25, 2010

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When I was growing-up, every night my family would sit-down to dinner together. Both my mother and father were excellent cooks, and being Italian-American, food and all its many wonders and pleasures were a real focus in our family lives. Even though she worked full-time as I got older, my mother would come home every evening and prepare some wonderful home cooked meal for the family. My father often joined in on Sundays with dinner preparation and one way or another there was always a thoughtfully prepared meal on the table. Food was (and is) for my family a very real expression of caring for each other – as they say “Food is Love”.

In my current life, my days and evenings are full with work, clients, groups and classes – often leaving me little time for regular meal preparation for my two sons. They’re teenagers now, and perfectly capable of making meals on their own, which by necessity they do several nights a week. But when I can, usually on my days off or on evenings where I can squeeze something in – I like to make them dinner. I spend a lot of time thinking about it, too. I have to consider a vegetarian option for one son and often am trying to fill-in the nutritional blanks for the week’s meals. Sometimes, my offerings are pretty basic, other times more complex in my never-ending quest to expand their culinary palettes, but I always try to come up with something and look forward to sitting down with them to eat our meal and share in some conversation.

There is something about it – it’s like a gift, a ritual, a responsibility and a treat all wrapped up into one. I hope that when they grow up they will remember those times with a similar fondness to what I have experienced and the understanding that it’s a lot  more than meeting their basic nutritional requirements. It is a simple expression of love, only one of many that often go unrecognized on a daily basis. Tonight is pasta, with or without Italian sausage and salad, pull up a plate and “Mangia”!