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Making the Space November 9, 2013

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G4Currently, the majority of my waking hours have been spent trying to gear-up for one big event that will be happening a week from now. And though my days are full with the full spectrum of “life stuff” – the majority of my time these last few weeks have been focused on tasks and projects for the Natural Living Expo where I will be both an exhibitor and a presenter next week. I am excited that it is close at hand and that soon I will be out of preparation mode and into doing mode. I am almost done with just a few little loose ends to tie up. Yay!

I won’t drag you through the list of projects I have been consumed with – but let it suffice to say that there was a smattering of everything; designing, writing, planning, coordinating, budgeting, practicing, scheduling, etc. etc. etc. And while the rest of my life has been equally busy, with home and work, this one effort has had most of my attention.

So yesterday, when I realized that I had completely forgotten to write a blog post for Thursday, I was not really that surprised, though I was a bit sad about it. And then when, yesterday became enwrapped with other activities, I missed that post, too. So, today, despite the fact that I am feeling exhausted, and not like I have a whole lot to say, I wanted to make sure that I found at least a small window of time to write. After all, I think that’s really what the whole NaBloPoMo and NaNoWriMo thing is all about, isn’t it? At its most fundamental level it is about making the time in your life, to write (either a blog – in the former case, or a novel – in the latter).

I don’t know what motivates all writers – but I would hazard a guess that for most of us, this is more than just a simple desire, it is a need. If I don’t write, it feels like something is missing for me. Though lately, I have found many forums in which to exercise this need, my blog had become neglected, and the challenge that NaBloPoMo presented offered me an excuse to re-invigorate it. And though I feel like, I am just exercising my creaky old bones at this point; I am starting to get the hang of it again.

So much of the time, so many things come down to us simply needing to make the room in our lives for the things we love; the things that make us feel whole, the things that bring us joy, the things that make us – us. I know this lesson, but I still forget at times. While I am enjoying all of the projects I am working on and feel most sincerely fortunate that I am positively rewarded by so much of what I do – it’s important to make room for a diversity of experience at times. Today, I made the space. I hope you too find a moment or several to do something that speaks to your needs and desires as this little respite has for me.

Until tomorrow… (She says, knocking on wood!)


Lift Off! November 2, 2013

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ApolloI just watched the movie, Apollo 13, for about the 100th time. It’s one of those films that whenever I see it is on, I feel completely compelled to watch it again. There are only a handful of films that I feel that way about, and in this case though I think it is a good movie, I know it is the subject matter that draws me in rather than the film itself. The magnitude of the malfunction and the amazing ingenuity which enabled them to work through multiple solutions to get those astronauts home again was really quite extraordinary. When you think about it, that happened 43 years ago, and the technology was so much less evolved, but it worked, and it was incredible.

I think my fascination with the Apollo missions is a generational thing. My sons for instance, do not share my sense of wonder and amazement. In fact it is a running joke whenever we look for a movie to watch together – that someone will bring up Apollo 13, and I am the only taker. Years ago, I became engrossed in a book by Andrew Chaikin about the history of the Apollo space program called, A Man on the Moon. It was an amazing time in our history and reading about it in detail was enthralling to me. The whole idea is magical.

Growing up in the 60’s and 70’s, I remember watching the launches on funky old television sets, which were wheeled in to our classes in elementary school. Every little boy in class wanted to be an astronaut, though sex roles being as they were at the time, I don’t remember feeling like that was an option for me or any of the other little girls in my class. Nonetheless, the missions were big news at the time, in a world less “informed, exposed and aware” as we are today, so the space program took on a special significance.

This evening, when my sixteen year old son wandered through as I was watching the end of the movie he made the comment that “the space program was a waste of money and that we really didn’t learn anything important from it.” Ugh… I couldn’t elaborate on the scientific discoveries which came out of it specifically, beyond the development of technology and engineering that allowed such missions to take place and whatever was learned about the moon itself. But I also believe that exploration for its own sake is valuable. How do we know, what we do not know if we do not undertake the mission to find out?

Our curiosity and quest for knowledge and understanding is to me one of the best things about human beings. Despite the extreme expense of the space program, I am still a fan. I guess my sons don’t want to grow up to be astronauts, and I will still be watching that movie alone in years to come, but I value the inspiration it stirs in me and the awed I feel when reminded about the incredible things humans are capable of when they put their minds to it.