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Floods, Snakes and Silver Linings April 2, 2010

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Last night I discovered that the Rain Gods had not spared me. After finding yesterday morning that I had no hot water, I came home to find the reason for the failure – a flooded basement! Much to my chagrin, I stood at the bottom of my creaky basement stairs after returning from work and surveyed the 6-8 inches of water that the rain had left behind. After 12 years in this one hundred and fifty year old house, this last deluge was more than it could bear and it finally had succumbed. My plumber was already on the way to take a look at the hot water heater so I called him up and asked him to bring a pump along to clear it out. While he was down there taking a look at the job before him, he found a dead Garter snake who apparently had not chosen wisely when he picked my basement as a refuge from the rain. Ugh! Yet somehow, inconvenient as this all is, I feel mighty fortunate.

My basement is a scary place; dirt floors, spider webs and mold are the order of the day and I avoid going down there as much as I can. My suspicion that it housed other critters, like snakes in addition to the empire of spiders was justified last night and I never intend to use it for much more than a home for the heat sources of the house. But now, with the flood I will be forced to address the clean-up issue that I have been ignoring thus far. Last night I spoke with a friend who is more than capable of doing both the clean-up and the “repair” that the basement so sorely needs – and if we can work out the details it looks like I may soon have the relief of knowing that that dank and creepy space will be cleaner and in better shape than it probably ever has been. My plumber, who will return today to replace the hot water heater, said that he will remove the snake, which eases my mind to know that at least that one will no longer be residing in my home.

Additionally, this morning I went to the gym (fortunate that I am already a member and it is very close by) not to work-out, but to take advantage of the hot showers they provide. It made me realize that I could indeed squeeze time into my morning to get in a brief work-out before starting my day. (I have been pondering the feasibility of this idea for quite a while now since my schedule has become so full of late that I didn’t think it would work.) So indeed, lemonade it is! I may have to spend some money that I would just as soon have used for something else, but I believe I have found a time to work out that will actually work for me and the specter of that old, dirt basement will soon be replaced by some peace of mind in knowing that I no longer live over a dungeon. In a different mindset this could easily be an overwhelming event – but I choose instead to see the silver-lining and am actually excited that this challenge was placed before me. It’s all in where you choose to focus, try it you may be pleasantly surprised…