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On Rising May 27, 2014

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Quietly opening her eyesDawn Birds
The silence of the morning,
Before traffic,
Before car doors, mowers and construction equipment,
Before birds,
Well almost before birds.
Lying in the stillness, warm sheets, veiled thoughts.
What day is this?
Wisps of dreams remembered, pieces of pictures floating in and out.
Feet touching the floor
Enter another new day,
Awaiting her fingerprints and plans.
Each moment familiar and never before seen.
Always, always an opportunity – you are here.


Pit Stop June 17, 2010

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Lately, it has been a particular challenge for me to get these blogs posted as often I would like to. And quite honestly, I miss it. Today is another of those jam-packed mornings, and I know that if I don’t write something now, I won’t have the chance to get back to it later. So, I am stealing this moment to make a quick entry before I embark on my next task. For me writing this blog provides a little reflective moment to put into words some of the thoughts that are perpetually spinning around in my mind. It isn’t quite meditation, nonetheless I find it helps me to feel centered. Like many other folks finding the time to do the little things that are rewarding and self-nurturing can be a challenge but the resulting positive benefits are undeniable.

So my question to you this morning is; what are those little things that you do for yourself that make you feel refreshed, inspired and centered – and are you making time to incorporate them into your day? The constant need to prioritize how we spend our limited resources often leads to neglecting those things that actually refuel our batteries. This is not the case for all of us, some people work time into their schedules for daily yoga exercise, brisk walks, trips to the gym and writing in journals (among other things). And some of us struggle to find the place to do those little bits of self-care and internal resetting. The point here is to not give up on these most precious of tasks and continue to work toward doing those things that enhance your experience.

Focus on what you want to do, not on what you didn’t do and take whatever opportunity you are offered to do those things that make you feel whole. We each deserve to nurture ourselves, because no one else can really do it for us. So before your tank hits “E” – allow yourself the chance to refuel, you don’t have to “top-off the tank” every time. You can get a lot of mileage out of a gallon of fuel.