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On Rising May 27, 2014

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Quietly opening her eyesDawn Birds
The silence of the morning,
Before traffic,
Before car doors, mowers and construction equipment,
Before birds,
Well almost before birds.
Lying in the stillness, warm sheets, veiled thoughts.
What day is this?
Wisps of dreams remembered, pieces of pictures floating in and out.
Feet touching the floor
Enter another new day,
Awaiting her fingerprints and plans.
Each moment familiar and never before seen.
Always, always an opportunity – you are here.


Whither the Snow Flower March 13, 2013

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(I wrote this last week, before the snowstorm that dropped 20+ inches in our area arrived – but forgot to post it! Better late, than never…) March is a cruel month.  After several months of gray skies, cold temperatures and wintry precipitation – the changing of the calendar brings hope to those folks living in the Northern Temperate zones. “It’s March – yeah, we made it!” – The optimistic voices of the winter-weary exclaim as the meteorological spring begins. But alas, the reality of early spring weather – is not long, warm, sunny days with daffodils and tulips. And as the East coast and particularly the North East prepares for another snow/rain storm those happy smiles turn to frowns. The once beautiful snow – looks strangely out of place and is definitely unwelcome.

No one likes a spring snowstorm. Power outages are common, as heavy snow downs power lines and breaks branches. Clearing the heavy, wet snow is unwieldy and back-breaking by shovel and impossible by snow blower. It’s slushy and dirty and gray and even the kids who welcome snow days like surprise holidays, made just for them, start to realize that another snow day will mean the school year is just going to grow longer into the summer. But alas – this is the way it goes, spring storms are a regular occurrence and as far as I know there is still no means of controlling the weather.

But there are upsides… As the days get warmer, the piles of snow will indeed melt faster. The tired grass once exposed will get greener. And always – there are those wonderful surprises waiting under that snow. Every year, much to my wonder and amazement, though I have seen it over and over again all my life, when the snow finally recedes it unveils the early buds of real spring. Crocus, tulips, hyacinth somehow oblivious to the snow cover awaiting them above the soil have managed to break ground. Somehow, in their biological make-up – they always know that their time is near and they begin to grow, no matter how many inches of snow cover the frozen Earth. It’s wondrous!

Yes, I will be out there tomorrow, cursing the heavens as I once again clear what has become my longer and longer driveway with the passing of each year. But I will know we are nearing the end of this winter weather. I will know that under those piles of snow; lay the truly thrilling beginnings of spring. It’s only a matter of time. The days are already longer and this may be the last storm, well at least for this year anyway. Bring it on – each snowflake brings us closer to daffodils.


It’s that time again! March 18, 2010

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Can this be spring? The clouds have finally cleared, the birds are singing and the first flowers have started to bloom. Yup, I officially have both Snowdrops and Crocuses blooming in my yard, despite the last dying vestiges of snow remaining from the winter’s plowing. When I went out to do errands today, I didn’t need a coat and with the clocks officially “sprung-forward” the daylight lasts until most folks are home from work and through dinner. You can almost hear the collective sigh of relief from people as they walk down the street. “We made it through another winter – spring warmth and sunshine is finally here.” (Knock on wood!) You never know in New England, we have had surprise snow storms into April before, and many of us will leave our snow shovels on our porches “just in case” for several more weeks. After all, if we were to put them away prematurely, then we’re just begging for another Nor’easter. But today the temperatures call for a near-record high of 70 degrees!

Down through the centuries, spring is welcomed and celebrated in many cultures and religions. Celebrations most likely based on our undeniable dependence on Mother Earth and the promise of the renewal of nature abound. Easter, May Day and the Cherry Blossom Festival are just a few of the many celebrations we humans hold to commemorate this transition to warmth and renewal. Whether you suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder or not – there is almost a compulsion to get outside and enjoy the weather. There is no question about it – almost everyone welcomes the advent of spring.

So during this time of year when rebirth and renewal are the focus – what are you going to do to give yourself new life? You’ve had the winter to contemplate and reflect now is as good a time as any to celebrate your own life and to begin anew. You don’t have to start from a clean slate, or make major changes in how you live your life – but why not use this season of rebirth to expand your horizons and try something new? As the Earth awakens from her slumber, and opens her eyes on a new season – allow yourself to begin again with new focus and new energy. It is a process that is ongoing and always available to you – but why not take advantage of the renewal that we all share? The Equinox is just two days away – get out there and celebrate!