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The “Evil” Twins September 30, 2011

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Time and money – two things most folks would agree that they would like to have more of in their lives. They are an interesting pair – often you find yourself with not enough time to make the money you would like and not enough money to enjoy your time the way that you want. It’s a “chicken and the egg” scenario – and if you wait for the perfect balance before you make your move – you could be waiting for a very long time.

Fact is – whether it’s not enough time, not enough money or a combination of the two – the “big clock” is still ticking away and your time to take action is now. There’ always a risk that things won’t work out as you would hope they would – but one sure way to make sure that you aren’t going to get what you want is to wait around and do nothing. I’m not suggesting here that you should over-extend yourself financially or work yourself into the ground. What I am suggesting is that you prioritize yourself, what you want and what you need to feel more connected to that which you value and cherish and make the plans needed to move yourself forward. We all have a contribution to make – what do you want to be yours?

If you really think about it – chances are that you “waste” or more delicately put “fritter away” a good amount of your time. Likewise, if you were to really budget yourself you would find that there are likely several places in your life where you can trim back your expenses and free-up a little money. Maybe not a lot, maybe just bit – but sometimes all you need is to start the process rolling and the natural momentum will build and grow.  I know I am talking in generalities here – and that is a conscious decision on my part. How we each fill in the blanks is as different as we are as individuals – so I don’t want to sway your thinking on this in any one particular direction. But take a moment – think about it – what is “the thing” that you are always putting off – that thing or things that you know you need and want in order to live a life more connected to your sense of purpose and passion – and take one small step toward bringing it in to your daily life. You can do it!


The Physics of Life April 28, 2010

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Momentum is an undeniable force not just with regard to physics but with the less tangible motion of life. We all know what it looks and feels like to “get things rolling” and how once that forward motion is initiated things take on a movement and energy all of their own. Conversely, we know what inertia feels like – that sense of feeling stuck, still, motionless, unable to get traction and get something started. The same principles that govern the physical world around us seem to have corollaries in our internal experience. Sometimes we are stuck, sometimes we are”on a roll” and sometimes we just need that first little push to “start the ball rolling”.

A lot of us feel stuck, particularly now during these unsettled and unsure times. Many people are pulling in, rather than pushing out, counting their blessings, hunkering down and contenting themselves with staying put, quiet and safe. While others are straining against the bit – wanting and needing to get something started to propel them forward in their lives. In fact, I think many folks are looking for a little bit of both; a sense of change and of security all at once. It’s a tender balancing act requiring a lot of patience and fluidity in hopes of affecting the best possible outcome.

I think when we are anxious to move forward – often times we inadvertently dismiss the little victories along the way when our focus is solely fixed on the “end goal”. And paradoxically, the more we recognize and feed the little wins the more the likely we are to keep progressing forward in the process. We all know the old adage “Rome wasn’t built in a day” nonetheless when it comes to our own lives, I think many of us expect to go from an empty field to the Coliseum overnight. Ignoring all the daily effort and small successes along the path to our dreams is at the very least unfortunate. After all, life is an accumulated experience, no one gets to where they want to be instantaneously, and just think of all the little joys and celebrations you could be having everyday as you work along.

Savor the little wins, nudge the momentum that has already begun and you will not only find yourself moving faster along the path but enjoying the ride a heck of a lot more.