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Grateful Reader February 18, 2010

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I just finished a book I have been reading for the last two months. It is a short book, a small book which if I had dedicated a concerted amount of time to it – probably would have taken me a day or two to complete. But it did not – instead – I stole five minutes here, twenty there, often skipping days and even weeks in between. Nonetheless I finished it finally and am having that experience that often comes when you finish a good book – a mixture of contentment and sadness. It is that sense of saying good-bye to a dear and intimate friend, one with whom you have shared a deep sense of intimacy and connection.

The book, Have a Little Faith is the third I have read by Mitch Albom. I never have gotten around to reading the book that put his name on the map, Tuesdays with Morrie but I have read the subsequent three, including this his most recent. And I have loved them all. They are not long books, not complicated or deeply intellectual but they are always moving and profound in their simplicity. Each book has left me with a feeling of “specialness”, gratitude and appreciation for what I have and for what the world holds. Their messages are not heavily veiled secrets but accessible and gentle, wise and beautiful.

So here’s what I am left with today. A beautiful reminder of the strength of the human spirit, a renewed belief in tolerance and acceptance, an appreciation for our past (shared and individual) and a palpable sense of the power of love, faith (in its broadest interpretation) and grace. I do not know if I can contribute all of what I am feeling at this moment to that book, but I do know as I start my day today I am looking at the world around me with eyes and heart wide open. Peace…