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Considering “The List” March 17, 2010

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Day off… What to do with it? I have several things I would like to be doing with my time, several things in multiple categories that I “have to do” (paperwork, errands, chores, projects, business) and of course there are those things that take your time that just happen (meals, shower, etc.) You know – “The List”. For me, it is actually helpful to write things down on a physical list, something I believe I got from my highly organized mother who wrote lists and notes for everything. Without it I inevitably end up getting to the end of the day and realizing all the little things I had intended to do – but forgot. It’s not very sexy, not spontaneous or even particularly creative but it works for me – mostly.

People who know me would generally agree that I am a “very organized person”. It’s just the way I function and the alternative is definitely a less than attractive option. Disorganization simply makes me feel uncomfortable and out-of-sorts, so staying organized is just the easiest way to stave off that discomfort. Additionally, I find that my life is so busy, that without a list, my time fritters away with little show for it at the end of the day. And quite simply, there is something to be said for the little sense of victory you get when you get to cross something off of it.

But really the key to the whole thing is – prioritizing. Writing out the list of what you want to accomplish in any given time period requires that you spend a couple of reflective moments thinking about your time, what you want and what you need. You could say that the list itself is a set of action steps based on your own personal needs assessment. Taking the time to gather your thoughts and make decisions about what needs your attention  and what you need to do to accomplish and reach your goals, be they big or small,  is actually pretty important.

Now I am not saying that one can’t simply abandon the list at times. Things come up – priorities shift – our days and lives are not fixed and stagnant. Allowing yourself to be spontaneous and react in the moment to changes in circumstance is just as important. But having a roadmap – be it mental or physical allows you to think ahead and really consider what you want to do with your life. As they say – “Plan for the future and live in the moment”. Anyway, that’s all for today, on to the next item, and now I can cross “write blog” off my list and attend to the next item on my agenda.