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Essential Elements August 23, 2010

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First couple of rainy mornings, we’ve had around these parts for quite a while. And while as a whole, I can say I don’t miss them (except for the fact that we really need the rain) there certainly is something sweet about listening to the patter outside the windows. Rain and sleep are a perfect combination. But sometimes the rain is falling and you have no choice but to don your raincoat and go out into it. Life rarely waits for a good weather forecast. Though like the lyrics from Camelot, I would prefer if the rain would only fall after sundown. Nonetheless, a little change-up is always welcome all the same.

In some ways, I do believe that if every day was sunshine and roses, we might eventually come to take them for granted. Finding the balance between the storm and the calm is the dance that requires not only our skill but our concentrated effort as well. It is the thing that creates well-roundedness in our character and allows us to use all of our muscles instead of just those that are easiest. There is always something to be learned from our experiences whether they are to our liking or not.

So while, I would prefer to spend this rainy day, cozied up in bed, intermittently napping and waking – I know that I am best served by opening my eyes, splashing some water on my face and getting out there to see what the day ahead holds in store.  Sure we can try to sleep through the rainy parts, and spend our days only in the sunshine, but in order for life to thrive we of course need both the rain and the sun to sustain us. One without the other just wouldn’t work. You don’t have to find the silver lining – in order to appreciate the life that springs forth from the rain cloud.