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A Tricky Treat October 31, 2011

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Those of us living in the Northeast were treated to an unseasonable trick this weekend as a heavy, wet snowstorm blanketed several states with snow that covered our pumpkins and felled autumn leaf baring limbs. It wasn’t a lot of fun – particularly for the countless households that lost power, heat and water along with all the damage to property and homes. Boo!

Personally, I am grateful that my household suffered no power loss, though I am afraid my 150+ year old apple tree did not fare so well. Sometime during the night, the largest of the three “trunks” of the tree gave way under the weight of the heavy snow and snapped, though fortunately it landed in the middle of the yard, away from the house and power lines. Nonetheless, it makes me very sad. I don’t know yet if the whole tree will have to come down, since the two remaining trunks are the less healthy of the three to begin with, so time and an arborist will tell what can be salvaged. We shall see…

Reflecting on this event – lots of things have come to mind and I just want to share a few with you.

NATURAL BEAUTY – First, readers of my blog will know, that one of my favorite spots “in” my home, is sitting on my porch, where I go almost everyday, all year-long to sip my coffee and watch the birds. The part of the tree that was destroyed was the most active spot in my yard for my little feathered friends, and I can’t help but wonder where they will alight now.

CHILDHOOD INNOCENCE – Years ago, when the tree was healthier and my boys were younger they spent many a joyful hour running along the embankment of the yard and swinging from the tall branch of that apple. The simple pleasure that it gave them was filled with a sense of the purity of childhood.

GENEROSITY – My neighbor came over yesterday, chain saw in hand to help cut off some of lower hanging limbs of the broken branch. Mine was the sixth house in the neighborhood where he had stopped – to lend a helping hand. He is a generous man, the sort of person you want to have as a neighbor and I feel lucky to have him and his family across the street.

GRATITUDE & PERSPECTIVE – Lots of folks are without heat, water and power today because of this storm. School is cancelled and even the Halloween trick-or-treating has been postponed to later in the week. And though I am not looking forward to the expense and effort necessary to remove my dear old friend, the apple tree, I am grateful that we were spared any real hardship. That said – way beyond the storm damage – I am aware of how fortunate we are in general – compared to some of the circumstances other folks have to face every day.

An ill-timed snowstorm has set life a little off kilter here. And it just makes me think, is all. About all we have, all that is beautiful, all that is innocent, all that we share and all that can be improved upon. Life is funny that way – always setting little reminders in front of us to shake us from complacency and rattle our brains for greater awareness. I will take it, you?