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Day 1 – Expo in a Nutshell November 16, 2013

ExpoKeeping this brief – becasue I really need to turn in early.
Had a great day at the Natural Living Expo, today!
Wonderful energy,
Great Conversations,
New Connections,
Enthusiastic Response,
Satisfying Appearance,
Supportive Helpers,
I really couldn’t have asked for anything more!
Looking forward to Day 2 and my presentation tomorrow on:
“Exploring Your Life’s Passions”
Happy, Sleepy, Firebird…


Making Fire from Smoke October 21, 2011

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Ever have one of those days when you are all jazzed-up and ready to go? You feel energized, excited and have great aspirations for getting a lot accomplished. “It’s gonna be a good day, I just feel it.” And sometimes it works out – just like that – and when the end of the day comes  – you can enjoy a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction. But sometimes – all that hopped up energy – has the net result of a “whole lotta smoke – but virtually no fire”. High energy – becomes – nervous energy – and at the end of the day you are left with a sense of bewilderment – “I know I did something today – but I have no idea what it is.” Energy and enthusiasm – keys to forward movement can without direction, keep you busy but not prove to be very fruitful.

Whether you are planning a business or starting your day with great hopes for productivity and success  – it pays to take a moment to slow down and reflect a bit on where you are and what you want to accomplish. Sometimes you may need to use a coach to help you decide what your specific goals are along the way and what are the components necessary to get to them accomplished.

Ever watch a bunch of little kids playing soccer? The field is full of tiny people full of excitement, a frenetic mob of flailing feet and arms chasing a ball “en masse” around a field with little likelihood of actually getting said ball into the net at the end of the field. That’s fine for five-year olds, at that level of the game – the participation, the running around is the game – but if the players on the Manchester United team played the game the same way – they wouldn’t be who they are. Yep – in order to play the game – there is more expected of you then simply stepping out onto the field with a smile on your face – you have to do more.

In order to move forward productively you have to know where you want to go and have a plan for how to get there. If you are starting a new business – it makes sense to begin with a vision and a mission statement, (a passionate enthusiasm for what you are looking to create) but without a business plan for how you are going to do it – chances are you will end up spinning your wheels without really getting anywhere. And so, my thought for the day, take a moment to pause and reflect on what you are trying to get accomplished, make a plan and then execute it. If you need help – then get some. If you can channel your energy and your passion – who knows where you can go – exciting to ponder isn’t it?


Get Your Mojo Workin’ March 4, 2010

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Mojo – you know it when you got it – and you feel it when you don’t.  When you are on – you feel energized, attractive and confident. Your step carries a certain swagger, bounce and lightness. If people are looking at you, you don’t mind ‘cause you know they are doing so with interest and attraction. But when it’s not on – it’s as if a light has been shut-off inside of you. “Nothing to see here…” The low energy light is on and nothing of significance is being emitted. Though there may be times when we are all happy and willing to “fly below the radar” I think most of us prefer the positive vibe that comes when our “mojo is working”.

Now I can’t say for sure that it is all our choice as to whether we have it or not – but I know we have an impact on the final outcome. There is many a day when we awake and look in the mirror and the face staring back at us is that of a tired, low-wattage soul. The weight of life can be a heavy burden at times and finding that place in ourselves where we are feeling light and energized just feels like one more piece of work. But I can say from personal experience that tapping into that well of excited energy is not as daunting as it may feel.

It’s almost like hitting a simple reset button on our energy-meter. “Okay that’s not looking so good, let’s try this again, “click”, lights on.” Finding that place inside yourself where the switch resides isn’t always an easy task but once you’ve found it, it seems to stay where you can access it again. Not everything in our lives is going to support our feeling energized every day – there are a lot of drains out there and they are seemingly unavoidable, heck, there are even days when it is preferable to fly lower than others but if we want to, most of us have the ability to control this internal light if we want to.

So take a minute as you start your day today – to find that effervescent force. Take it in, turn it on and put it out. Take a moment to find that magical amulet that gets you going, it’s in your virtual treasure chest somewhere, you just have to discover where you last set it down. ‘Cause when your mojo’s workin’ life doesn’t just happen to you, but because of you.