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The Change Game February 10, 2010

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A few months ago, my mother sold the house that she has lived in for 56 years and moved into a senior living community in a new town, closer to my siblings (and me). It was a big move and a big deal, but despite a couple of bumps along the way it has gone rather smoothly. Now in her mid-80’s my mother is creating a new life for herself; new town, new living arrangements, new routines, new friends, new everything. The furniture is the same (though scaled back) but everything else is new. It’s about as a big a life transition as you can make, and it is going amazingly well.

Thanks to the efforts and support she receives from my siblings who live near my mom is adjusting beautifully. Oh it’s not all flowers and sunshine, there are hiccups here and there but really, for the most part it has been seamless. Not necessarily something that any of us were sure of but certainly what all of us had hoped for. My mother is a devout woman and thusly she credits her success to “a miracle” that she has been able to make the move in such a stress free way. I don’t see things quite the same way, nonetheless the result is the same.

Sometimes in life we are faced with challenges and changes so big – that it is hard to imagine how we will react to them or if in fact, we can handle them at all. Sometimes the path to our new life is fraught with parallels and obstacles, and sometimes it is more open and clear. Not all transitions go smoothly for all people. But more often than not I think we underestimate our resilience. Maybe it is some genetic throw-back to the unpredictable life circumstances of our ancestors or maybe it is simple adaptation. But inside of each of us is a wealth of resources and strengths to draw from, some long dormant but still present, all the same.

Getting through life with all the challenges we face in today’s unpredictable climate is no cake walk but most of us will get through it relatively unscathed. The one thing we can count on happening tomorrow is that we cannot be certain of how it will go. Finding that faith inside you whether it is in a higher power as in the instance of my mother, in the help, support and goodwill of others in our lives or in the skills and abilities we own ourselves is the key. Remembering that we will manage and hopefully thrive as we move forward is the message to hold on to.