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The Little Red Light February 3, 2010

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The little red light on my home telephone was flashing at me when I got home last night, beckoning me to listen to the message/s it was storing for me. I ignored it. Not that I didn’t consider that it may have been an important bit of information which I would have wanted to hear – but because often it is a sales call, an appointment reminder or some other electronic message I figured it could wait. So, I settled in first, talked with my boys, ate a little supper, went through my mail and so on.  At about 8:00, I decided to give it a listen…

It was my dearest and oldest friend calling from her home which unfortunately, is about 2700 miles away. She was calling, because she had been thinking of me and was wondering if I would be interested in some wooden jewelry that she had recently discovered. The second voicemail message was from the same friend – left about fifteen minutes after the first – wishing me a happy birthday,  if it was my birthday, which she wasn’t 100% sure about though she had narrowed it down to three possible dates – (one of which was actually correct).

The messages themselves really aren’t the point of this story though, what was important was hearing her voice and how it made me feel. My dear old friend has an effervescence and positive energy that is infectious. As she rambled on about the jewelry and the birthday she laughed and joked and I could most definitely hear her smiling. I saved both messages. I played them again for my son and talked about them again later. And here I am writing a blog about them.

Such a silly little thing and yet I was/am so moved by it. Listening to those messages; I felt joy, I felt love, and I felt acceptance and history and presence. So much there in a few seconds of recording, the power of words, and relationships and energy over miles and years. I called her back of course – but she was not home, so I left her a message instead – I hope that it gives her as much pleasure as her messages had for me.