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Stomachs, potholes and the 3 Muskateers May 14, 2010

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It is a slow start to my day thus far. I haven’t been feeling well the last couple of days and so today has an almost surreal, dreamlike quality to it as I prepare for what feels like my re-entry into everyday life. It’s as if I have “been away” though I have been right here the whole time, except that most of the usual elements of my day have been absent. It has brought that concept of the body-mind-spirit connection to the fore in a very real way. When one aspect of your life feels out-of-whack it is as if you are trying to function with a missing piece.

I think many of us get used to functioning with some degree of deficit. Though some holes go more easily unfilled that others, it’s like driving down the street in your hometown, knowing where the potholes lie, anticipating them as you drive along, and steering your course accordingly in order to avoid them. In New England, the springtime means road crews and maintenance departments in each town will emerge from their hiding places behind their snow plows to patch and fill the many potholes and road hazards that have accumulated over the winter. Because after all, we can manage to steer clear of them for a long time – but at some point they do have to be addressed, unless we want to replace our front suspension system.

It’s a lot to tend to all at once. My natural inclination is to focus on the mind/spirit ends of the spectrum, paying only nominal attention to the physical end of things, hoping to get by with a superficial attention to diet. Though I think quite a bit about getting back on track with a regular exercise regimen, I tend to approach that area of my life in “fits and starts” saving the real commitment for another day. But weeks like this remind me that there really is no time like the present to get things going. I am promising myself that I will find a way to work some regular form of exercise into my weekly routine again. It is a healthy balance that I am really after, I don’t have to run the marathon this year or enter an Iron-man competition. While my life whirls around inside and outside of me – I need to remember to take care of the house from which all of this other energy emerges.

So, back to work I go – a little worn out by the week’s events, but excited that I have scheduled some real-time to take a few minutes of exercise and renewal for these old bones. Really when I think about it is more of a reward than a labor – and I do deserve a little attention and focus. All for one and one for all.