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I’ll get to it in a minute… November 5, 2013

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wristwatchSo, what do you think procrastination is all about?

People (and I’m not naming any names here) who do it, know that they do it, often see it as a problem and do it anyway. They aren’t proud of it. It often makes them feel uncomfortable and yet they repeat the same patterns over and over again, forcing themselves into situations where they are left trying to complete projects at the last minute, often under a great deal of stress and occasionally at a sub-par level due to time constraints.

Just thinking about it makes my anxiety rise. It’s like when you think about having a dentist, drill your teeth for fillings. It just isn’t pleasant.

We’ve all procrastinated at one point or another, it’s probably more common a phenomenon than not – though I suppose that there are some people who do it much less than others.

Maybe it’s all in the anticipation. After all, people don’t really have a big issue procrastinating about things that they want to do. Procrastination is more typically reserved for unpleasant or arduous tasks, sometimes big things and sometimes very small.

Maybe some people really do, do their best work when they feel the urgency of a looming deadline.

Maybe it’s a way of taking control of circumstances in your life that are less favorable. Or maybe it’s a way of abdicating your role in the control that you do have in a given situation.

Maybe if your past experience tells you that you can wait until the last minute to do something and still receive the outcome you desire, there is some positive reinforcement for putting things off.

It’s a funny thing, procrastination. It’s pretty pervasive, often counterproductive, and surprisingly seductive all at the same time. I don’t have any big “answers” here tonight – I am just thinking “out-loud” a bit. The subject of procrastination keeps coming up in conversations that I have had with a number of folks over the last few weeks. It’s not an uncommon topic. And I do believe it can be “overcome” if that in fact, is your goal. But it’s still tricky.

In ways, I think procrastination is the evil cousin, of savoring. Maybe people who are procrastinators are better at living in the moment? That can’t be all bad. Is it?

It’s complicated. And for tonight I am not going to try to tie this up into a neat little package. I’m just going to put it out there, let you think about it a little bit if you want. Do you think of yourself as a procrastinator? Are there some things that you are more likely to procrastinate about than others? When you finally take action after procrastinating for a while about something, what gets you to move into action?

Maybe it’s one of those things that is worth thinking about sometimes, not to make yourself feel badly about it, but to decide how it effects you, what you get from it, and how you best deal with it? Maybe not, you decide.


The “Evil” Twins September 30, 2011

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Time and money – two things most folks would agree that they would like to have more of in their lives. They are an interesting pair – often you find yourself with not enough time to make the money you would like and not enough money to enjoy your time the way that you want. It’s a “chicken and the egg” scenario – and if you wait for the perfect balance before you make your move – you could be waiting for a very long time.

Fact is – whether it’s not enough time, not enough money or a combination of the two – the “big clock” is still ticking away and your time to take action is now. There’ always a risk that things won’t work out as you would hope they would – but one sure way to make sure that you aren’t going to get what you want is to wait around and do nothing. I’m not suggesting here that you should over-extend yourself financially or work yourself into the ground. What I am suggesting is that you prioritize yourself, what you want and what you need to feel more connected to that which you value and cherish and make the plans needed to move yourself forward. We all have a contribution to make – what do you want to be yours?

If you really think about it – chances are that you “waste” or more delicately put “fritter away” a good amount of your time. Likewise, if you were to really budget yourself you would find that there are likely several places in your life where you can trim back your expenses and free-up a little money. Maybe not a lot, maybe just bit – but sometimes all you need is to start the process rolling and the natural momentum will build and grow.  I know I am talking in generalities here – and that is a conscious decision on my part. How we each fill in the blanks is as different as we are as individuals – so I don’t want to sway your thinking on this in any one particular direction. But take a moment – think about it – what is “the thing” that you are always putting off – that thing or things that you know you need and want in order to live a life more connected to your sense of purpose and passion – and take one small step toward bringing it in to your daily life. You can do it!


The Living-Zone May 10, 2010

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So? What’s it gonna be? Are you in or are you out? This is your life – are you really living it? If you are – great! If not – what are you waiting for?

It’s amazing how many people don’t really know what their answer to that question is. There are lots of folks who are alive, yes, but whether or not they are really living their lives, is another matter entirely.  Lots of people are waiting, biding time, getting by; day-by-day moving from home to work to home again in a sleep walking dream. Always waiting for something to happen, (however they define that something);  a new living arrangement, a new relationship, the change of seasons, there are endless possibilities  – and when it does happen – THEN things will be different and they can start to live. Well, what about until then?

We all have days when we are more engaged, more energetic, more present, inspired and simply put, more alive than others. But sometimes people make the mistake of setting up shop in the world of half-life. Maybe they are depressed. Maybe they are lacking the confidence they need to get out there and seize the day. There are lots of reasons why people “lay low” and take the quiet path. Unfortunately the longer you stay in the dead zone the more it drains your energy. Sometimes we need a “kick in the pants” or we need a bolt of inspiration or we need the help and support of someone else to get us started and to keep us on track.  Whatever it is you owe it to yourself and to the people who know and love you to find it. Because once you light that fire, and your engine begins to purr, you will get a taste for it and it will propel you forward. Living has a way of taking on a life of its own.

Life is beautiful. Our time here is finite; do we want to be present for it or sit on the sidelines and watch it pass us by? Wherever you are on the spectrum – I guess I’d like to give a little nudge toward choosing life. Find the thing, anything that gives you joy, that makes you feel alive, that makes you feel inspired, engaged and passionate and feed it. Allow yourself to be pulled forward by it and you will find that as that part of you is awakened and enlivened other parts will be as well. Start small, no grand gestures are necessary. You don’t have to go from 0-150 in a day, 0-2 is a start. Sometimes waking a sleeping giant can take some time. Be patient, be authentic and be persistent. Oh and one other thing, it’s contagious. As you become more engaged in your own life, those around you may find inspiration in you – how cool is that?