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A Matter of Simple Perspective April 20, 2010

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Taking an extra “day off” today while my kids are on school vacation and some friends are helping me with some much-needed home repairs. It is a beautiful spring day, a little cool but still damn nice, and I am cozily comfortable in a pair of jeans, a t-shirt and my Merrill’s and though I am not exactly relaxing it is still a lovely day. It has made me think again about how important the lens through which you choose to view your life circumstances can be in determining what your experience is.

Despite the fact that it was not a “work-day” for me, I had a 6:50 am meeting this morning which required me to set my alarm and get up a lot earlier than my body would have liked. And as I have mentioned before, though I am in general a steady, quiet producer in the wee hours of the day that does not really include interacting well with others. Nonetheless, miraculously after a wakeful night’s non-sleep, I really enjoyed the meeting. I felt engaged, social, and surprisingly energized. In my head I was thinking, well this may not be my best time of day but I like this group of folks and I do believe my participation is a good compliment to my coaching business. And so… it was better than “not bad” it was downright good and I enjoyed myself.

 Since it was never in the plan to “spend the day at the beach” I had written a pretty exhaustive list of tasks, chores and errands for myself to accomplish today. So, I wasn’t particularly thrilled when I had to take a couple of hours out of the middle of my day to go to a previously scheduled doctor’s appointment. (Well that’s at least what I thought I was going to do…) As it turned out I made the 40 minute drive to the doctor’s office only to realize I was supposed to see him at a different location today (something I had known at the time I made the appointment and I would have been reminded of if I had put on my glasses when I checked the calendar) but much to my chagrin not only did I waste a good chunk out of the middle of my day – but I had to reschedule my appointment since there was no chance I would have gotten to the other office on time. And though I was feeling frustrated as I drove back home I realized I would be able to make my friends who were helping me, lunch at a reasonable hour and would get more time with “the list” after all.

Is this revolutionary or extraordinary thinking in any way? No, not by a long shot… But nonetheless it is just this kind of stuff, the little stuff that can so easily derail a day. Or if looked at from another perspective, a positive perspective, can be the little building blocks than can make even the most mundane of tasks enjoyable. Just thought I’d pass that along…


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