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Am I Talking to Me? March 19, 2010

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Throughout your life there will be many people who influence and inspire you. There will also, of course be those people who’s words cause you pain, self-doubt, and difficulty. There is no underestimating how powerful the words and influence of others can be on our lives, think for a moment about all the people who have had a powerful impact on you over time. Now ask yourself – if there is anyone missing from that list? Did you remember to include yourself? Because really who has your ear more than your own inner voice? The impact of others is an obvious given, but the person with the greatest impact on your life is you, who else could have 24/7, lifelong access?

When you think about that voice – how does it feel to you? We can most certainly be our own greatest champions and our own biggest nemesis, and largely our influence over our own selves goes greatly unnoticed even sometimes for the most self-aware of people. Ours is the voice that we hear most often, and when we need a break from our own words, it is not like we can hang-up the phone or walk into another room and leave the voice behind. So the question is do you tell yourself the things that help you along your way or are we harsh critics of our own lives? Likely, there is some sort of combination of the two, mixed in with a decent dose of benign musings, fanciful daydreams, inspired moments and rote assumptions. We get the smorgasbord of messages, the Pu Pu platter of ideas and the full gamut of impact.

So what I was thinking, was this, given that our voice is the most constant one in our lives, wouldn’t it serve us the best if the words it shared were of the supportive, encouraging, understanding and positive variety? Words can be powerful even before they break free of your mind. It is important and I would even say imperative that we treat not only others as we wish to be treated, but ourselves as well. Self-care, self-worth, self-confidence and overall sense of self depend on our ability to be gentle and loving to our own selves. That doesn’t mean you can’t challenge yourself, you certainly should and we will not always be proud of everything we do. Nonetheless self-care is imperative, be gentle with that one soul who is most fully under your control; no one else has a bigger impact or more control of how you experience your life.


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