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Just Another Monday? March 15, 2010

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As I sit here pondering where I want to go with this blog today, my mind is a pulling in many directions, and despite my efforts to land in several other seemingly more interesting thoughts, I keep coming back to the same place. I am finding my thoughts keep landing on the fact that it is Monday, and a new week is beginning. There is always the temptation to think, “Ah yes, Mondays, I know what these look like”, but the reality is that no two moments are ever identical. There will be routines and familiarity in the tasks that I confront but every moment is brand new, each second providing the opportunity for something different to happen.

I think we forget about that sometimes. There is such a strong tendency to pull familiar things together so that we can know and regulate and master our moments that I think we often miss the opportunity that is present at all moments. There is a necessary efficiency which comes with routine and similarity, a parsing out of our limited resources that allows us to conserve our energy for the big stuff and just sleep walk through the daily bits, but I wonder if we are wasting it. I wonder if, we were more engaged and present as we move through our days and tackle both the mundane repetitive tasks and the new experiences if life wouldn’t be just a little bit more interesting.

I am definitely drawn to novelty, and though I find comfort in the familiar, I prefer the challenge of the new. Nonetheless, I am grateful for the present, the known, the awareness of what I do have and the comfort in what I know. I think what I am really after here to the extent that it is possible is the idea of being present in the moment. To not take the moments of my day for granted even if they seem like I have lived them before, because every second is unique. Being mindful, aware and present provides the opportunity to see things as we never have before. So, yes, it is another Monday, but we have never had this one before…


One Response to “Just Another Monday?”

  1. Ed Beckwith Says:

    Krishnamurti said something to the effect of ‘the greatest hindrance to experiencing is experience.’ As you said,sometimes we lose the subtleties and nuances of our daily rounds because we assume the coming moments are already familiar to us. Thought provoking as always, Lisa!

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