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Taking in the Big Picture January 18, 2010

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Life is relative, but the need for perspective is undeniable all the same. We are each fully in our own lives, dealing with the pressures, wishes and dreams that affect ourselves, our families and our friends. Sometimes we feel like we are making great strides, moving forward, building a life of enjoyment and meaning. At other times we feel stuck; maybe our job is grind, money is tight, or there are pressing issues at home. Though there is absolutely a matter of degree – we are all relatively self-absorbed. But at times it is important to get a little perspective on life.
Events like last week’s devastating earthquake in Haiti really drive that home. It is almost unfathomable to imagine the situation down there. Watching some 12-year-old boy on the news last week, who had lost his father and who was screaming “why” as an aide-worker attempted to help him with his broken leg – broke my heart. The thought of my 12 year-old son in a similar situation was too painful to imagine. But this boy was someone’s son, and he was only one of thousands who were experiencing similar catastrophes. The pain is palpable even at this distance.
I know this may sound a little like “eat your supper – there are children starving in the world” but really, it’s true isn’t it? We have a lot to be grateful for no matter how difficult things are, there is always someone out there who is having a harder time. The grass may be greener in many cases, but it is browner too. So go ahead – do the best you can do – be gentle with yourself in the process – remember to be grateful for what you do have. Begin with what you do have control over – your self – and work your way out from there.


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