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Shhh, don’t think, just listen… January 11, 2010

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Intuition;  is like any of the other senses. Often referred to as the “sixth sense”it  is just one of the many ways available to us to observe and interact with the world around us. Just as you know you are looking at a horse when one stands in front of you, intuition provides a sense of knowing and understanding that appears to be accessing information that is not readily available to our other senses.
For many of us, our intuition is easily accessed, providing a ready stream of information that feels as real and reliable as the information we get through our other senses of sight, hearing, etc. But for others it is almost completely inactive and unnoticed, unrecognized when it is at work and underutilized as the resource it is. Despite this, I do believe that it is present all the same, it just requires some concerted effort to access. For the folks that are less attuned to their own intuition, I believe that they just need a little extra help in tapping into it – like glasses or a hearing aid for this less tangible sense of intuition.
There is a lot of useful information out there about accessing your intuition, and I will talk more about this topic at a later date (because I believe it to be extremely important in creating a life that resonates with your true self) – but for now, I just want to start with what I believe is the first and most simple step: awareness. In order to hear what your intuition is telling you – you have to make a conscious effort to listen to it. It requires you to quiet your mind for a moment and to go a bit deeper into yourself so that you can “listen” to what it is telling you. You know when people ask you – “What does your gut, tell you?” or “What do you think in your heart-of-hearts?” That’s it. That’s all it is – it is that sense inside yourself of what your REALLY know.
The great thing is – the more you listen to it – the more you realize it has to tell you. So, I’ll be quiet for now – you take a moment to listen to what you are saying to yourself instead…


One Response to “Shhh, don’t think, just listen…”

  1. Ed Beckwith Says:

    Great job, Lisa. I’m finally up to date with all your entries. Haven’t found anything yet to disagree with. You’re preaching to the choir with me, I guess.
    Very fascinated with intuition. You’re right– it’s tricky to separate its unique voice from all the other clatter around us. In my case, whenever I heeded it, I tried to remember just how it resonated within me, so it would be easier to recognize the next time. Still a work in progress. I did intuit twenty-some years ago that you had a special light within you. Glad that you’re sharing it.

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