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Never underestimate the kindness of friends… or strangers for that matter. January 4, 2010

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So, since I decided to undertake this whole “Blogging Thing”, I also decided that I might as well let some folks know about it. Because really, though I am enjoying writing these little blurbs these last few days just for the mere pleasure of writing, it would be nice to know that someone else out there was reading them besides me. To this end I decided I would let friends, family and other various and in sundry contacts of mine know about it by “getting the word out” in a couple of ways.

Since I am not fully confident that I know how to negotiate around the website myself, nor do I fully comprehend all the bells and whistles for my blog site (yet, give me time) I thought I would go with what I DO know first. I put a simple link on my Facebook page and sent an “announcement” email to some folks in my address book. What resulted really shouldn’t surprise me, but it did somehow anyway…

Several people sent me reply emails, offering their best wishes, support, positive feedback and encouragement. And can I tell you – it made me feel great! Old and new  – friends and acquaintances shared their warm greetings and I was reminded of how such a simple gesture really can go a long way. Not surprisingly, a little bit of sincere encouragement helps folks feel valued and cared for. I think sometimes we all forget how powerful a few kind words can be, even if we don’t need it, it doesn’t mean that it’s not appreciated.

Note to self: Spread the love, baby. Spread the love…


2 Responses to “Never underestimate the kindness of friends… or strangers for that matter.”

  1. Jason Says:

    welcome to the world of social engineering..Im still squeamish whenever I post anything on facebook..The site just has so many bells and whistles that i find it quite distracting..any who great start and best of luck..your fan base will friends will be shared and fun will be had by all..after all its only human to want to connect..


  2. Jason Says:

    In proof of strangers..well people I only know in the virtual world offering kindness and the impact it has on me I offer myself as an example with this photo I posted only yesterday and the responses I received..

    and no Im not using your blog for free advertising of my site..Just my way of showing an agreement to your i need to get out of my jammies and bring home the bacon….


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